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Pinkelman Truck & Trailer in Nebraska, wanted something special for their marketing program. T Lo met them through a mutual friend, Buck Monson. Luke and Amber wanted something strong like the Let Monson Get You Runnin’ music you can hear in the Jingles section of our web site. The new song, featuring Chris Noth on slide guitar is in the can. We feel it’s so good it has joined Monson’s track in our web site samples. “Get Your Diesel Runnin” is a smokin’ hot musical signature for PT&T. We’re very excited about it. Already we’ve heard comments like this: “Testosterone Laced Grit” and *** Kickin Rocker” from our buddy David Lee, a world class voiceover guy with credits like Westwood One. (yeah THAT guy”) The music will ultimately appear on PT&T phone messages, radio, TV and web site. Go to JINGLES, crank up the volume and hit play. But hold on to something.



I can’t stop listening do it. — That’s Greg Majeski’s quote when he heard his new music: “More For Your Money” Greg’s pre-owned automotive business in Sterling Illinois is thriving. So much so that he’s now expanded to a second location in Dixon. What better way to promote it than with a memorable track from Terry Loder Creative. We put this together in record time to help him make his media schedule. It’s actually hard to tell who’s more excited about it. Greg or us. Ohhh and his “I can’t stop listening to it” comment was even cooler when you know that it was our demo. Hear the finished product in our jingle department.



Elizabeth McDanel at Arnold Motor Supply got a call from out of the blue. She discovered a wild man on the other end of the line. After a fun filled introduction, Elizabeth thought the nutjob might just be a good copywriter for AMS and their Auto Value stores. So Terry wrote the on hold copy. Then Elizabeth thought; “Why not let him read it too?” Next thing you know, she suggests writing and recording the new 30-second radio spot. Now Elizabeth is brief. She said. “I love it,” and suggested an ongoing relationship at the Mac and the Mic from T Lo.

So now Terry Loder Creative is motorin’ with Arnold Auto Supply and Auto Value. Beep Beep.