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When Terry sold his ad agency and cranked up Terry Loder Creative, the first jingle out of the box was for Monson Truck & Trailer Repair. The thing just rocked. Let Monson Get You Runnin’ is an all time great and the coolest thing about it was – IT WAS THE DEMO! They wanted it just the way it was. They were right. Welll —what’s that got to do with TV? This: It took 7 years to get Monson to try it. He decided to emphasize his growing towing showing in the QCA. His only demand? It can’t look like any other Towing TV spot –ever. So check out “Happy Endings” on our video page. Mr. Monson loves having fun. This one shows the lighter side can still tell a story, even if part of it is in an upside down semi.



US Adventure RV’s John Dresselhaus has had TLC on hold programs in his Davenport and Naperville locations for several years. Terry suggested building a branding statement and music that would transcend the phone lines and become integrated into other aspects of USARV’s corporate marketing. Runnin’ Free was our hook. They liked it. We wrote music that fits the company and its customers. See if you can figure out who the lead vocalist is. You’ll find it at the top of the site in our “Jingles” department. Watch for future blogs. We’ll let you know who’s Runnin’ Free.



Pinkelman Truck & Trailer in Nebraska, wanted something special for their marketing program. T Lo met them through a mutual friend, Buck Monson. Luke and Amber wanted something strong like the Let Monson Get You Runnin’ music you can hear in the Jingles section of our web site. The new song, featuring Chris Noth on slide guitar is in the can. We feel it’s so good it has joined Monson’s track in our web site samples. “Get Your Diesel Runnin” is a smokin’ hot musical signature for PT&T. We’re very excited about it. Already we’ve heard comments like this: “Testosterone Laced Grit” and *** Kickin Rocker” from our buddy David Lee, a world class voiceover guy with credits like Westwood One. (yeah THAT guy”) The music will ultimately appear on PT&T phone messages, radio, TV and web site. Go to JINGLES, crank up the volume and hit play. But hold on to something.