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An Uplifting Jingle for Summit Services


We love calls that come from 3rd party recommendations. So, we were thrilled when Summit Services contacted us for branding music. Hillary Karbon and Nick Hawkins have a thriving insulation business and searched for a powerful marketing tool to hang their hat on. Specifically, they wanted a fresh jingle.  Hillary was referred by talented voiceover artist and actor Kim Kurtenbach-Furness. Terry came up with “We Make Your Life Comfortable” in style we affectionately call “Smoove Jazz.” Then, we developed “Google It” as a radio/website introduction to insulation’s benefits.

“We Make Your Life Comfortable”

Ohio Jingle For The Truck Experts


Irvin Bowman of Sydney, Ohio, has an extremely successful business at Wayne Truck & Trailer. He was ready to expand his marketing when he met Terry at an ITRG event in Cincinnati.

It was perfect timing. A great collection of Diesel repair shop owners all benefitting from the advanced training and, of course, services like Terry Loder Creative. The result of that meeting was a solid new jingle, a radio spot, and an on-hold program for the phones. Like all the trucks they service, we gave them some revved-up service, and The Truck Experts is the result. It’s up and running.

“The Truck Experts”

Donohoo Dunnit – On-Hold


When Chris Zubroski contacted us for an on-hold program at Donohoo Steel Treating a couple of years ago, we were thrilled. Chris risen through the ranks and had recently become its owner! He knew our style from hearing our creative messaging when he made calls to his clients. So, he said: “Who is that nut job?” He sounds perfect for Donohoo.”

Terry Loder Creative delivered a powerful new branding statement along with a strong on-hold program that continually had his callers asking to be put on hold to hear more. “Who is that guy?” was the frequent question. Moving forward, it was time for an update. Would it be as good as that first one?

Chris put that to rest when he said he had heard comments about it “the day it went onto the system” Yup. The very first day. How about your business. Ready to get “Runnin Hot” like Donohoo Steel Treating? We’re ready to light the fire.

“Running Hot”