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Eddie and Holly Lawrence wanted their Mobile Transport Repair jingle to jump out at their customers, whether it was on the MTR telephone hold program we were going to produce or, what the heck, on the radio and their web site too.

“From Here To There”

They caught Terry’s presentation a couple of years ago and though we kept trying to get hooked up, it took until this year to make “From Here to There”

Eddie said: “ What about a fast talking track like Convoy?”

Terry responded with a Smokey and the Bandit style track complete with Johnny Cash style story teller and the world’s fastest banjo picker, Johnny Butten. The result is a hot licks track with Jerry Reed style guitar from Chris Noth and rat a tat drums by Dave Hughes.

Jeff Loder tracked the bass and engineered the 60 seconds and a cloud of dust marketing composition. MTR customers will be hearing it on the phone, radio and web site any second now. Hope you like it.



Pinkelman Truck & Trailer scored a big success with Terry Loder Creative’s ”Get Your Diesel Runnin” jingle. Then followed that success with “Chicken Coop” a 60 second spot introducing their new Ford F150 service truck. We built the spot around a driver whose brakes had failed….. real close to a chicken coop! Wanna hear it? We just added it to our Radio section. Is it working? 

Well the radio and TV have kept them so busy, a new facility is now on the drawing board. Board? Oh yeah we did a great new billboard (ahem.. outdoor) design for Luke and Amber too. They may wait until the new place is up and runnin’… like a Diesel.

“Chicken Coop”



Terry Loder Creative welcomes ITRG to our client family. HONK! ITRG is the Independent Truck Repair Group.  The strategic partnership of diesel truck repair shops was formed to elevate shop capabilities through ongoing tech training and several group-related benefits. Coming together from across the US, ITRG members are creating a best-in-class parts buying group, financial services and employee related benefit solutions. ITRG principals, “Robert “Buck” Monson and John Stoeckinger, came to TLC for creative development, web restructuring and web-based tools. Collateral material, radio spots, jingles and web videos are more unique examples of ITRG benefits.

ITRG plans four Annual Training Events in major markets directed by industry-leading trainers.  The next 3-day Trade Show and Training event is scheduled for March 7-10 at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel.  

TLC’s branding statement, Who are we? We Are You, appears on ITRG materials. 

The account is managed by Terry and Ryan Johnson, web designer and art director.

“ITRG Message On Hold”