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Almost two decades have passed since Terry wrote and recorded “We Can Do That” for Midland Communications in Davenport. That signature slogan and music was expanded to include an On-Hold message program, radio and a series of strong TV spots.

By 2017, Midland evolved in a big way. Their technology services and video department made it clear that, a new name was in order. So, “Communications” has been dropped after a 50 year run.

Midland VP, Jason Smith asked TLC to develop marketing tools that reflect the dropping of “Communications” replacing it with “Technologies”

Visit our radio samples department for Midland Technologies’ first radio spot: “Technology Drives Us”. Jeff Loder mixed this amazing audio with TLC’s new audio processing equipment. It’s a dramatic upgrade. Now, there will be 2 more spots, on hold program and auto attendant projects will feature the new name and sig.

“Technology Drives Us”