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What Happens in Vegas – Keeps TLC Up All Night


When Buck Monson’s TruckShop411 began formulating a Master Plan for a North American Diesel Repair Shop alliance, they asked me for 1. A Logo and 2. Audio /Video marketing tools. Members need custom jingles, radio, TV, and creative concepts. 2 years pass…

Buck did NOT tell me that at 10:30 PM on Monday, he was breaking big at SEMA in Las Vegas the next day and that he would need a cool handout (2 pages front and back, from scratch) for attendees he would know, like …. now. NOTE: He knew everyone, and they loved his concept.

OK, one day later, he’s ready to get it printed in Vegas, handed out in Vegas, and me sleeping two days straight in Iowa. Need a cool flyer even if you wait until the last minute? Now you know a guy…Make that a real dumb guy…sort of a savant. We do accept your project with a bit more brain time, too.

Check out the new logo and flyer!