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Our first few months have brought us fabulous new clients for the message on hold part of our business. As we were taking a call from a new client today, it seemed appropriate to get a rough idea of new clients for that service. Without dropping names, here’s what we’ve done since we opened our doors.

Iowa and Illinois:
Web based Dental Service
National Automotive company
National parts distributor
Plumbing Heating and AC company
National traffic signal manufacturer
Truck Sales & Service
Car Dealer
Large Electrical services firm
Farm Implement Co
Another Truck Sales/Service
Construction Company
Orthodontics Office
Farm Implement Sales & Service
Formal Wear Rentals

Other States:
Industrial Supplies – Las Vegas
Plumbing Supplies –California
Plastics/Rubber Company – Connecticut.

All of these and I few we probably left out since day one in August! You could say TLC has been very busy on the phone. There are several more in the hopper. So, it looks like our position in the message on hold area is secure. And we’re very proud of these new additions to our list of phone clients.