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Michigan has a new sleep solutions campaign on Flint radio stations. The client is My Beautiful Sleep. The creative and media placement by Terry Loder Creative has stimulated response on the MBS phone lines. One new patient was a radio executive who told Dr. Brant Pittsley The commercial caught his attention. “He thought it was one of the best commercials he had ever heard. “The caller scheduled a consultation immediately.

Dr. Pittsley agreed with TLC’s recommendation of “enhanced scheduling”, which would amplify the standard broadcast advertising campaign. Very affordable overnight placement strengthened the schedule for a very small investment. Those with snoring and Sleep Apnea difficulties hear the spots on late night radio when they are struggling with the problem. weather sponsorships, gave us an economical way to gain stronger brand awareness for a new client with a new name.

We matched the radio spots with Streaming Audio which reaches listeners on their PC’s . This forum also includes “Sink Banner” which pops up on the computer screen every time our commercial airs.