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Vander Haag’s is a Midwestern truck and parts headquarters with 3 locations in Iowa, one in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and a new facility in Kansas City, Mo. They’re also one of TLC’s new message on hold clients. Marketing manager Shane Bakker recognized the potential of our creative messaging for their clientele in Kansas City. So they tested us. Write a few sample messages. If they’re any good, we’re in. Long story short, they’re in.

We produced the first of two planned message programs and delivered them electronically. Then, the creative wheels began to turn.

Shane saw the opportunity to strengthen continuity of Vander Haag’s overall phone presence by having Terry record their after-hours and auto attendant messages too. Now callers hear the same nationally known voice talent on hold and when they’re being directed to the right department when they first call in for service.

Who knows what’s next for Vander Haag’s and TLC. Maybe a web video, maybe, satellite radio or – – – – Whatever it turns out to be, we’re thrilled to have a Midwest icon on our satisfied client list. Vander Haag’s