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Ducky’s Formal Wear is a Quad City area icon. Originally a telephone message on hold client, they turned to TLC for a new radio ad campaign targeting they’re huge in-house selection and prices the chain stores can’t beat. Creatively, TLC assembled the input from Steve, Alex and Stevie Anthony and soon realized this was much more than a simple radio spot; it was a 3-spot series.

Spot #1 “I WANT TO SEE IT!” takes issue with a national competitor who implies they have a warehouse in their locations, but in reality sells from storefronts and ships Tuxedos from distribution centers. Compared to Ducky’s in-stock inventory of over 1,000 Tuxedos and immediate service, the chain store can’t compete in service or price. Ducky’s actually beats competitors by as much as $30 per Tux!

Spot #2 “THE WEDDING SHOW”, is a Joan Rivers parody that has Joan fielding questions on her show from Quad City area brides to be about where best to select their grooms’ formal wear. Actress Kim Kurtenbach Furness nails it. She tries to stop it from becoming the “Ducky’s Wedding Show”, because they’re the best in every category. It’s a good point and a great laugh.

Spot #3 “RESEARCH” has the groom’s best man discussing their buddy circle’s dedication to this dress-up event. The only point of contention is the high prices for tuxedos at the chain stores. To show the groom a better choice, his pals did the research and discovered that it was no contest; Ducky’s would give them more selection, more service and and better prices. (any young man’s main priority) The groom is blown away that this pals did his research for him and arrives at the only possible conclusion: “Let’s do Ducky’s!”

The Ducky’s Formal Wear radio series shows what can happen when a great client invests quality time to properly educate the creative and then steps back while they spin it. The Anthony’s love the spots, which hit the air in June.