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DAB – No-one Will Ever Know Radio


Dave Dunn owns and operates Dave’s Auto Body – Galesburg. When you bust your vehicle, DAB is all over that sucker. When it’s completely repaired, no one will ever know you broke it. Terry Loder Creative just delivered 3 30 second super spots to Dave. “Bad Botox” points out that you really roll the dice if you don’t let DAB do your collision repair. 10 Stars of Excellence has a little fun with a new term for the best of the best. Then, take an Interstellar journey into collision repair with “Better Than a Replicator” … But DAB isn’t science fiction. Thanks to the Dunn one for the continuation of our collaborations. WE HAD A BLAST! BTW When you call Dave’s, you might get a taste of TLC’s on-hold program. It’ll wreck ya!!

“Bad Botox”