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Country Club Coffee Warms Up to TLC


Our new client, Country Club Coffee, fell out of the sky. I was trying to find someone to fix my Breville Barista Express. Drake Bishop is so busy, he couldn’t help me. But he liked what I do for On Hold programs. As a Mocha Man, I couldn’t resist writing sample creative even before we had a deal. Cut to the chase: This became an obsession as I whipped out complete productions for each aspect of CCC’s diverse services. Here’s what Drake said about TLC’s on hold show: “It’s not good. It’s magnificent!” Listen to all or part of the 8-minute show. Tell us if you agree with Drake. Please?

After just 3 weeks on the phone, here’s what customers are saying: “How we have finally grown-up” / “That voice is familiar…” / “Put me back on hold, that was amazing” / “I never knew you sold that too”

“Country Club Coffee”