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Pinkelman Truck & Trailer in Nebraska, wanted something special for their marketing program. T Lo met them through a mutual friend, Buck Monson. Luke and Amber wanted something strong like the Let Monson Get You Runnin’ music you can hear in the Jingles section of our web site. The new song, featuring Chris Noth on slide guitar is in the can. We feel it’s so good it has joined Monson’s track in our web site samples. “Get Your Diesel Runnin” is a smokin’ hot musical signature for PT&T. We’re very excited about it. Already we’ve heard comments like this: “Testosterone Laced Grit” and *** Kickin Rocker” from our buddy David Lee, a world class voiceover guy with credits like Westwood One. (yeah THAT guy”) The music will ultimately appear on PT&T phone messages, radio, TV and web site. Go to JINGLES, crank up the volume and hit play. But hold on to something.



Steve Rogenski’s Tempo Marine & Sport is all about FUN. They have such a full product line that he naturally wants to make a visual connection with his customers. Steve’s music track, “We’re all about Fun” was one of Terry Loder Creative’s first projects in 2010. Tempo has added radio and TV projects along the way. Now it’s time for a “BOATS ONLY” spot featuring Tempo’s Bennington, Bayliner and Sea Ray brands. It’s a fast-moving life-style oriented vid. It’s set for rotation beginning in May, 2016. Watch it and you’re bound to see what fun is all about — at Tempo Marine & Sport.



Terry Loder Creative’s experience with treatment for Sleep Apnea is extensive. Lots of radio and TV for Myotech Sleep Solutions have given us a national reputation for effective health care marketing. It was only natural for QC CPAP Direct to get TLC’s take on their new marketing concept: online prices in a storefront facility. Two 60-second radio spots were created to show how buying directly was actually more convenient and cost efficient than buying online. The incredible growth of the sleep solutions industry made their venture in the new Integrative Health Center developed by Dr. David Jarrin of Myotech a well timed venture.

You can hear one of their spots in our Radio section. Look for “CPAP Users Anonymous.” It’s a well-conceived group therapy style spot that educates and entertains the audience as it opens the door to something new. TLC President says: “We had a lot of fun making the spots. We feel we could almost do this – – – – in our sleep.” Sigh. Need radio that is different? Dial up Terry Loder Creative. See this video “The Mark of Excellence” in our Video section

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