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To put it mildly, Dave’s Autobody in Galesburg believes in innovative marketing. Dave Dunn’s philosophy is to set standards way above the competition. Then raise the bar regularly. Dave and his staff are simply overachievers. They have a beautiful multi-building complex that is neat as a pin. They’re experts who actually teach other professionals from all over the world how to do 5 star automotive work. So, their customers get the benefit of industry-leading technicians and teachers working on their vehicles. They’re a one of a kind client and we we offer one of a kind production services. A  perfect match. We’re happy to provide Dave’s with three new radio spots and one of our trademark message on hold business phone programs. You’ll find one of those new 30 second spots here on the TLC web site under our Radio tab. It’s called Tow Me to Dave’s. One other thing. We met Dave thanks to a recommendation from Buck Monson, owner of Monson Truck & Trailer repair, another long time client of TLC. Thanks Buck and thanks to Dave’s Autobody for your confidence.

Trying to get a logo or whatever you think would make it look fairly cool. Maybe just a guy in a paint booth mask or some generic shot?