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Country Club Coffee Warms Up to TLC


Our new client, Country Club Coffee, fell out of the sky. I was trying to find someone to fix my Breville Barista Express. Drake Bishop is so busy, he couldn’t help me. But he liked what I do for On Hold programs. As a Mocha Man, I couldn’t resist writing sample creative even before we had a deal. Cut to the chase: This became an obsession as I whipped out complete productions for each aspect of CCC’s diverse services. Here’s what Drake said about TLC’s on hold show: “It’s not good. It’s magnificent!” Listen to all or part of the 8-minute show. Tell us if you agree with Drake. Please?

After just 3 weeks on the phone, here’s what customers are saying: “How we have finally grown-up” / “That voice is familiar…” / “Put me back on hold, that was amazing” / “I never knew you sold that too”

“Country Club Coffee”

Tradesmen International Jingle Production


Here’s what happens when an Iowa producer/musician connects with Italy, UK, and Arizona to create a new jingle. A well-known client with a long history of performance in the Home Improvement business, signed with Terry Loder Creative for a jingle and video production. Terry worked with talent from the world locations mentioned above. The result is a targeted work for Home Improvement Professionals. Even though it’s not for the general public, it will open the door for an even stronger image in our Quad City market. The client: Suburban Wholesale and Supply with JR Girskis at the helm. Great to work with Brian, and looking forward to a long and productive relationship. BTW, we knew of each other for years but got together on LinkedIn. Cool.

“Suburban 60”

An Uplifting Jingle for Summit Services


We love calls that come from 3rd party recommendations. So, we were thrilled when Summit Services contacted us for branding music. Hillary Karbon and Nick Hawkins have a thriving insulation business and searched for a powerful marketing tool to hang their hat on. Specifically, they wanted a fresh jingle.  Hillary was referred by talented voiceover artist and actor Kim Kurtenbach-Furness. Terry came up with “We Make Your Life Comfortable” in style we affectionately call “Smoove Jazz.” Then, we developed “Google It” as a radio/website introduction to insulation’s benefits.

“We Make Your Life Comfortable”